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Adele James coaching actors in The Booked Club


Short-cut years of wasted time & heartbreak...

The hybrid group and 1:1 accelerator program for serious actors who want to level up and have a successful acting career within a ful(filling) life.


My love, you have been fed outdated and unhealthy narratives about how to achieve success in your acting career for far too long.

Believe me, I mean no disrespect when I say that you have simply sacrificed too much of your precious time, money, relationships, autonomy, well-being and life... to be working less than a quarter of the year as a paid actor.

I just know you deserve (and can have) so much more


There is a healthier way... THAT WORKS!

It is possible for you to have success in your acting career by making strategic career moves and honing your craft, whilst - or rather - because you also;

✨ Nurture your emotional well-being

✨ Support yourself financially

✨ Pursue hobbies

✨ Cultivate meaningful relationships

✨ Prioritise rest

This program is your best next move if;


You want to feel autonomous and empowered in your acting career


You are ready to put the work in to elevate to the next level


You want to live a life you love en route to professional success

I'll give you my EXACT signature framework and the complete holistic strategy and approach that I have used in my own life, which has so far led me to:

Adele James acceping an award

Lead a Netflix series and win an award for the role

Adele James as Cleopatra on Netflix

Travel the world for acting work on stage and screen

Adele James with friends

Build a beautiful life outside of acting that I love

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It's time to get un-stuck.

I will personally guide you as you step into your CEO era; taking you on a transformational journey from a stuck, “aspiring”, part-time actor

to a serious, dedicated, working actor in just 10 weeks.

7th January –
10th March 2024

Weekly group Zoom sessions
(replay available)

Small group:
limited to
15 actors 

1:1 check-in and self-tape review

This is a holistic program for actors who want to make acting their number one vocation via smart all-round career, health, and creative decisions.


"I feel in control. I feel like I've got the tools to move forwards with clarity." 

Mindset matters most.

The way you think impacts how effectively you manage and navigate your life and therefore your career, so naturally, we have to start there.

Adele James - Acting coach London

Personal success leads to professional success.

✨The Booked Club✨ is not another acting course, nor is it a generic biz-of-the-industry coaching for actors course either. It is a journey of action-focused transformation in both your acting career and wider life, designed to accelerate your path to success in the healthiest way possible.

Program Outline


Looking after number 1

All things YOU, your well-being and thriving - not just surviving.


Increasing your emotional bandwidth

Master the inner chatter that has been holding you back for far too long.


Living a full life

Own your time and bring more balance into your beautiful life.


Stepping into your CEO era

Get clear(er) on your vision and take the reins on your career once and for all!


Executing your dream

Cultivate a winning team and start making the financial moves that will manifest your dream career and lifestyle, NOW.


Expanding your network

Grow your industry reach in alignment with your career aspirations.


Finding the “right” agent

Cultivate a winning relationship with your agent - AKA business partner - whether you have one already or want a new one.


Prepping for auditions

Hone the mindset and techniques that will help you leave a lasting impression in every self-tape and IRL audition.


Technique and truth

Learn my most rapid and effective go-to acting techniques to boss your self-tapes and IRL auditions with unshakeable truth.


Booked and busy

Talking all things post-getting that YES that you deserve!

+ 🎥

Self-tape Challenge

Take your auditions from good to GREAT over the last 3 weeks of the program with this additional group challenge. (incl. 1:1 feedback and advice)

Plus access to over 20 downloads 

All the rinse-and-repeatable resources you will need to keep elevating your career for decades to come!

- because this is not theory, we are about action!

Defining yourself, for yourself

Health and

well-being plan

Transforming limiting beliefs 

Finding more balance

Thrive kit for longevity

"One of the biggest breakthroughs was being back in the driver's seat of my career."


Be part of
✨The Booked Club✨

Hi, I'm Adele James

I've been where you are - and I'm still going through lots of the same things you are, every single day.


I was always worried that I either wasn't doing enough, or was somehow missing something everyone else knew. Especially being a black-biracial woman from a single-parent, working-class home, who started out with no industry contacts and no formal drama school education...

That's why I created ✨The Booked Club✨ - the road to success for me hasn't been easy, but from personal experience and witnessing the successes of my clients over the years, I know that there is so much that is within your power to influence in your own acting career. Success is within your reach and I can't wait to help you grab your version of it with both hands!

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Adele James – Acting Coach in London
Adele James celebrating with an Coaching Client

This is Ana, who booked her West End debut after working with me. This is the day we met IRL for the first time after I watched her tear it up on stage 🥹

There's power in community.

I believe that you deserve to have the life that you dream about; and I know that you are not the only one trying to make it happen in a healthy way...


That's why not only can I guarantee you an epic transformation by the time you have finished this program; but you will also graduate into my wonderful wider client community once the program has ended, for ongoing support and community as you journey forwards.


Just hit the button below and book a free call with me, to get started! 💛

DMs from the Summer group:


Applications are now closed for the January 2023 cohort. Next enrolment will be in Spring/Summer 2024.

Enrolment Closed

To be the first in the know when applications open up again, please add your name to the waitlist via the button below:

Please note: this program is not designed to support complete beginners with no acting experience, part-time training or full-time training.


  • When does the program start?
    Enrolment for the January 2024 cohort has now closed. Enrolment will next open in Spring/Summer 2024, with the program start date TBC.
  • How can I join the program?
    Places on the program are extremely limited so that Adele can give everyone the support they deserve, and all places are subject to a free 30-minute application call with Adele first.
  • Is the program group or 1:1 coaching?
    ✨The Booked Club✨ offers a unique hybrid of weekly group coaching sessions and extra 1:1 support from Adele, throughout the program. Once you graduate, you will automatically enrol into Adele's wider community of clients, the Inner Circle, for complimentary ongoing support in the form of monthly Zoom group check-ins, exclusive industry guest talks and gain access to the In The Room app to stay connected with her closed community as well.
  • Is this program instructor-led or self-paced?
    ✨The Booked Club✨ consists of a series of 10 weekly group sessions all led by theatre, film and TV star Adele James. All of the weekly sessions are also recorded, however, so you can follow the program at your own pace if you can’t make the sessions live (some of the previous group did that over the summer!) and you can also replay the program sessions after graduation via your client portal.
  • I'm not based in the UK, can I join the program?
    Absolutely! This program has been designed to support all actors take the reigns on their career no matter where in the world they are based because in essence we are actually all up against the same things! In fact, our previous cohort included actors from the UK, the USA and Canada; and Adele's wider Inner Circle client community also has actors based in Italy, Amsterdam and Hungary as well! 🌍
  • Do I need to have experience or training to join?
    This program has been designed to best support actors who know for sure that acting is the career they want to pursue - which, respectfully, you cannot guarantee unless you have undergone at least some part time training and/or given it a shot for a little while and so have some understanding of what the industry looks like. As such, ✨The Booked Club✨ is for those actors who are stuck and looking to level up, not get started. If you are totally new to acting though, don't worry - we gotchu! Check out Adele's Career Kickstarter program instead, as that will help you get your foot in the door. We would love for you to come back and apply for ✨The Booked Club✨ when you're further along 💛
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