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"I could go on for days, but to try and keep brief, Adele is the smartest and most knowledgeable acting teacher and mentor I've ever worked with. Her coaching and teaching are informed by her extensive professional background. Working with Adele is honestly the best as she really focuses on your needs while creating a safe atmosphere for you to explore openly, which enables me to produce amazing work. I've seen a massive improvement within myself and my career."


"Through practising auditions and asking the right questions, I really felt myself grow as a performer in a short time and now have so much more confidence in the room. Adele's energy is infectious and her knowledge of the industry is totally invaluabe she has unreal hacks for wherever you are on the career ladder! Her passion, honesty and willingness to share and help is wonderful and I learnt a lot about myself and the industry as a whole working with her."


"Adele is absolutely *Brilliant*. She goes over and beyond when guiding and advising you on the artistic direction you are pursuing. Her approachable, friendly personality and "straight to the point", honest work attitude makes a huge difference when it comes to turning your passion into a full blown career. She has a vast and in-depth knowledge about the industry which she is keen on sharing. I have nothing but praise for her coaching and seriously recommend it to anyone pursuing an acting career."


"Sometimes as creatives, we have tunnel-vision when it comes to our goal of establishing a career out of our art; but after completing coaching with Adele, I now have a detailed career plan/ strategy in place and have a greater understanding in how to navigate the business side of the industry. Working with Adele has definitely been the best investment I have made so far in my career! We need more actors in the industry like Adele: who are transparent, honest and kind. She genuinely has a heart to see other actors thrive in the industry and help them learn from her mistakes. I would definitely work with her again!"


"Adele was extremely versatile with all of her advice, whether it was with my acting, writing or even life overall, she was always prepared to tell me what to do next or even just reassure me that I am on the right path. It completely transformed my path and the way I'd approach this career. Adele is very skilled and is not only an amazing coach, but an amazing human being! She completely revolutionised my mindset and most likely my future as well. I can tell many things would be different if I hadn't done this coaching. Thank you Adele!"


"The coaching with Adele far exceeded my expectations. The whole process has been great. There was consistent and supportive communication throughout, which made me feel at ease and secure. The self tape process can prove daunting, but the opportunity to work with Adele made the process relaxed and supportive. Her experience and knowledge of the industry shines as much as her warmth and positivity. I can't thank and recommend Adele and In The Room enough!"


"I feel like Adele was so adaptive to what I needed and really intuitive. The support I received has elevated my work and as I look at my goals for the plan created, I feel positive and uplifted. Overall, I feel so lucky to have had this time with Adele which has transformed and continues to transform my approach to my career in so many positive ways. I believe I will be able to do myself justice whereas before this I was very down about my work. Now I feel like there are lots of possibilities I didn't see before."


"The advice and support that Adele offered was much more than I expected. I felt that the advice and info given was very detailed, extremely useful and helpful for my career going forward. Just sooo much tips, along with a clear career plan for my goals that was broken down being manageable but would also push me out of my comfort zone. The warmth and honesty she brings to each session helped to dispel the many myths I had about the industry. She is generous with the support and advice she gives. I'm currently working on my goals and for the first time in many years, I'm soooo excited with the process. Before I didn't think it was possible, but now I truly believe I can achieve my goals. Thank you."


"I found Adele so inspiring and the coaching with her exceeded my expectations. Adele treated me as a peer and an equal. Its given me a sense of direction which I had lost by the end of last year. I'm finally feeling excited for what will be."


"I didn't expect to get as much out of this coaching as I did! The insights I gained are hard to find and I consider myself very lucky to be afforded them so early on in my career. I loved how it covered things you don't usually get taught - stuff about finding agents is SO useful and self tapes!! It also gave me the opportunity and safety I needed to make mistakes and it, more importantly, showed me how I can learn from them. I would highly recommend Into the Room!!"


"I think Adele was more than amazing. Although I was learning from her I felt as though she was a fantastic listener and really tailored everything to my personal needs. She is extremely genuine. Do not hesitate to go ahead and work with Adele she is amazing. For someone like myself who is new to the industry, I can say she has really helped with my development with within a couple of weeks. I know exactly where I am going as an actress and what my future goals are and how I will achieve them thanks to Adele."


"Personally, I think what Adele

has built is fantastic. The industry talks are insightful, helpful and varied and the audition techniques pushed me to be more confident and creative when given text for auditions. Overall, I'd recommend this to anyone at any stage of their career."


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