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From gracing the screens of 3-million UK households a week in her biggest acting role to date, to “not having a bloody clue what’s coming next!” Actress, Screenwriter, and Coach to Actors, Adele James, shares an honest and unscripted, journal-like record of her journey toward becoming - and remaining - a “working” Actor.

Speaking from a level of success that would be best described as “aspirational, but very much attainable”, adventure with Adele and her journal as she continues to pave her way - letting you in on all the thoughts, fears, plot twists and lessons that you won’t get (nor might you ever suspect...) looking at most people’s social media feeds. In The Room with Adele James (formerly Making My Way), is an in-real-time memoir of surviving and succeeding as an actor day-to-day in the ever-increasingly competitive (especially for a brown woman), entertainment industry. In equal parts an entertaining and inspiring listen for the actor and non-actor, alike.

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