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Career Kickstarter for Actors


A self-paced guide to bossing the business side of your acting career, led by me - Adele James - a professional actress and coach to actors. This course is for YOU if you want: 🌱 To know where to start 🧠 A healthy longevity mindset 🧰 Business tools and networking strategy that align with your career aspirations 🎭 To elevate your audition technique 💪 To feel confident, empowered and excited about your future 🏁 To go the distance in your acting career YOU WILL GET: 📼 33 on-demand coaching videos led by me 📓 35-page booklet packed full of tips and resources Having successfully forged my own career over the years, I know that there is an imbalance in the education of most actors: we are trained heavily in craft, but barely in how to navigate the industry from a business perspective, or survive as actors long-term. I created this course to debunk the myth and mystery for you and to give you the business of the industry and audition technique foundation that *EVERY* professional actor needs!

Course Overview

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